People With A Disability

Everyday Pricing and Specials

At Zone Bowling we are proud of how inclusive our venues are for all Australians and we embrace our ability to have People With A Disability (PWAD) play at our venues every day and night of the week. Zone Bowling now accept the Companion Card and offer a FREE game of bowling to an accompanying carer. We also offer every-day discounted bowling to all people with a disability when visiting our venues.

Guest with a Disability:

Off Peak Monday - Friday 4pm | 1 game | $6.50 (62% off $16.90)
Peak Friday 4pm - Sunday | 1 game | $7.00 (63% off $18.90)*

Accompanying Carer (WITH Companion Card):

1 game | FREE

Accompanying Carer (With No Companion Card):

Off Peak Monday - Friday 4pm | 1 game | $6.50 (62% off $16.90)
Peak Friday 4pm - Sunday | 1 game | $7.00 (63% off $18.90)*

*During school holidays peak pricing applies all day every day

To register your disability organisation and to keep up to date with special offers OR to make a regular booking, please complete the form below and our team will be in contact with you soon! Please visit our Terms and Conditions page for more information.

International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD) 2021

Zone Bowling have celebrated International Day of People With Disability (IDPwD) nationally for over five years.

IDPwD is a United Nations sanctioned day that is celebrated in December each year.  It has an overarching focus on how society can strive for inclusivity and aims to break down the physical, technological and attitudinal barriers for people with a disability.

While Zone Bowling continue to support the IDPwD’s aim to increase public awareness of people with disability and celebrate their achievements and contributions, due to COVID-19 pandemic,  Zone Bowling won’t participate with this year in an extra step to ensure the safety of all guests.

Zone Bowling’s top priority is public health and safety. In the best interest for all guests we have implemented refined hygiene practices and safety standards and procedures in-line with the relevant state rules and regulations to keep visiting families, friends and community members secure and comfortable.


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