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The history of bowling: Part 4

Did you know that the humble game of tenpin bowling boasts a rich array of international tournaments?

The history of bowling: Part 1

Where did the game of bowling actually come from? Read the first part of our series on the history of bowling, as we travel back in time to ancient civilisation…

The best bowling video games

When you've honed your skills enough playing these games, head on over to a ZONE BOWLING for your next work party and a chance to show your skills!

The Bowling Stones: Bowling in popular music

If you thought the music scene has neglected the art of tenpin bowling, think again - there have actually been quite a few numbers in honour of the sport down the years, across a range of genres.

The Future is Now: The latest innovations in bowling

While technological advancements such as automated scoring systems and pinsetters are now part of everyday life, here are two of the latest bowling trends you may not have heard about!

Do you know your way around the lanes?

Let's face it, bowling is a pretty simple sport - throw your ball as hard as you can and hope it knocks over as many pins as possible!

How to act on bowling's most emotional moments

For those of you whose bowling experiences are less than successful, it's time to embrace the pain. Here are ways to let out your emotions at your next bowling party.

How to be the best kind of winner

Sometimes winning just isn't enough - you need to make sure it's rubbed in appropriately. When you kick some bowling butts, make sure to try out these victory moves.

Common bowling mishaps and how to avoid them

Avoid embarrassment at the bowling alley by considering these tips on how to dodge common bowling mishaps.

Clothes maketh the man (and woman): What to wear when bowling

Unless you're a pro bowler decked out in your bowling league team's uniform, just like Homer Simpson and his Pin Pals, you'll have to make a choice on what to wear when heading to a ZONE BOWLING.