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The ultimate guide to a spooktacular Halloween bowling party

When lightning strikes, a full moon comes out and the dead rise up to walk again - you need to have a Halloween party.

Team bowling equals team bonding

Skip the awkward lunch and bring your work team down to a ZONE BOWLING for a team bonding party!

How to host a Melbourne Cup themed bowling party

With Melbourne Cup festivities well and truly on their way, 'a day at the races' might be the perfect theme for your next adult party. 

Why selfies could be beneficial for your next corporate function

Group selfies promote camaraderie and friendship amongst staff. Encourage selfie culture at your next ZONE BOWLING or laser tag work party.

3 classic jokes to tell at your ZONE BOWLING work party

There's a way to make the work party even more enjoyable, and that's by being the funny guy or gal. Tell these jokes at your next ZONE BOWLING work party!

Hola, amigos! Have a Mexican theme bowling party at ZONE BOWLING

Here we take a look at how to bring the vibrancy and fun of a Mexican theme to your next ZONE BOWLING event. Muy bien, amigos!

A team building game your staff will love, and one they won't

Don't be known as the boss who organises boring team building games. Here is an activity everyone can get into, compared to one they probably won't.

It's not too late for a mid winter Christmas party!

It may be nearly August, but there is still plenty of time to throw a mid-winter Christmas work party at your nearest ZONE BOWLING centre. Here are ideas for party organising. 

Winter Olympics: Venues throughout history

It's easy to pick a bowling alley, but not quite as easy to pick a Winter Games venue. We take a look at some: past, present and future.