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Why is a bowling party healthier than your usual party?

Kids parties are generally an affair filled with sugar and maybe a movie or two. A bowling party can be the perfect alternative, with plenty of health benefits.

What not to do at your work party fundraiser

You know what to do to make your fundraising work party at the bowling alley go off without a hitch - but what about what not to do? Here are our top three biggest things to avoid at your fundraiser.

When team building goes wrong: 3 mistakes to avoid

Cheesy as they are, team building activities are a great way to break the ice and get the people in your organisation on the same page.

The 4 annoying colleagues at your bowling work party

Here are four annoying people you can find in any office - and how they can actually come in handy at your next ZONE BOWLING corporate party!

The five 'types' of bowler at a work party

Workplace personalities often transfer into real life scenarios - find out how they might manifest on the alley at a bowling work party!

Prize ideas for your ZONE BOWLING office party

Though many will attend your ZONE BOWLING corporate party, not everyone is as enthusiastic about bowling as your weekend warriors. Here are some prize ideas to bring out the sportsman in all of your workers.

The 2 greatest ways to use a bowling ramp

When you're not yet skilled at bowling, sometimes using the ramp is a great alternative. However, some people might try tell you that's lame so prove them wrong with these two hard-core ramp techniques.

Keep the fun in fundraising with a bowling themed event

Bowling is an excellent way to raise money for a good cause while having lots of fun at the same time. Discover how your organisation could benefit.

The ultimate guide to a ZONE BOWLING work party

Thinking about hosting a work party? Read this helpful guide to see why ZONE BOWLING is the ultimate corporate event destination.

The history of the high five

The high five has been around for as long as anyone can remember. An ingrained part of our social culture, it's become almost as natural as the handshake.