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Fundraising 101

Raising money for a good cause? Zone Bowling can help you host a memorable, stress-free fundraiser.

FREE $500 Bar Tab

Parties are great at the best of times (especially ones held at ZONE BOWLING) but through a FREE $500 bar tab in the mix and you know things will start to get a whole load more interesting. Check out the details below to find out how to access this awesome deal.

The Full Roller Package

It's almost impossible to think what else we could've crammed into The Full Roller Package! It's the cr?me de la cr?me, the pi?ce de r?sistance and lots of other French terms meaning it?s the best!

The Spinner

The perfect package for those who have less time to play. Get together for one game of Bowling or Laser Tag and fuel the hunger with our tasty treats.

The Striker Package

The Striker Package is perfect for those groups looking for more! You get an extra game of bowling and/or Laser Tag and a variety of great food options. Take a closer look by clicking on the link below.


Find an answer for your question regarding group and corporate events at ZONE BOWLING.

Back to League

We have missed you, so come back and see our great team and experience the fun our game has to offer at one of our 4 exclusive return to league in ?16 events across Melbourne.

Bowling 101 at ZONE BOWLING Australia

Improve your bowling in just four weeks - for free at selected ZONE BOWLING Centres Australia. Book now!