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Safety Month

Here at ZONE BOWLING we welcome you to take part in National Safety Month.

Summer Fun Pass

Enjoy a summer of FUN at ZONE BOWLING with our limited-edition Summer Fun Pass for $59.90!


Am I eligible for a discount through my Health Insurer, Motoring Association, Activity Guide, etc.?

Alley Chat

Find the latest news, updates and bowling tips at ZONE BOWLING.

Top 3 ice breakers for your corporate party

Icebreakers are often frowned upon as doing nothing to defuse the awkwardness of work functions, but done right, they can certainly be effective.

Top 4 benefits of hosting a fundraiser at ZONE BOWLING

Looking for the perfect place to host your fundraising event? Here are the top four benefits of a fundraising party at ZONE BOWLING.

Throwback party: A 1950s-themed work bash

It's fun to take office jokes away from the water cooler and onto a bowling lane. Strike off work with some strikes at a bowling work party!

Tips to maximise the success of your fundraising event

So you've chosen to host a fundraising event at ZONE BOWLING - good choice! Here's how to maximise the success of your event and ensure it goes off without a hitch.

Why host a regular work party?

Think having a regular work party is a waste of time? Think again - a work party at ZONE BOWLING could have better benefits than you thought!