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Sparing a thought for the beginner: 3 mistakes to avoid

What are some of the most common mistakes that beginner bowlers make?

Roll down memory lane: A world history of bowling

By the looks of the history books, people have been loving the sport of bowling for thousands of years and in many countries around the world.

Say what? 5 weird bowling terms you haven't heard before

If you're a regular at ZONE BOWLING, you might have overheard the more experienced bowlers use some pretty baffling words and phrases.

Songs that were secretly written about bowling

If you're putting together a playlist for your next bowling party, consider these famous songs that we're pretty sure were originally written about bowling.

The anatomy of a bowling pin

If you've ever played a game of bowling for a birthday or work party (or any reason, for that matter!), you'll have an idea of the immense pressure that bowling pins go under every day.

The history of bowling: Part 2

Today we find out how people passed their spare time in the Middle Ages…

The history of bowling: Part 3

How did the game continue its meteoric rise into the popular pastime played by everyone around the world? When was the first official governing body of the sport formed?

The history of bowling: Part 4

Did you know that the humble game of tenpin bowling boasts a rich array of international tournaments?

The history of bowling: Part 1

Where did the game of bowling actually come from? Read the first part of our series on the history of bowling, as we travel back in time to ancient civilisation…

The best bowling video games

When you've honed your skills enough playing these games, head on over to a ZONE BOWLING for your next work party and a chance to show your skills!