Spread Fun, Not Germs

We’ve all had the time to hone up our gaming skills on the couch and practice our bowling swing in the front yard but now it’s time to try them out for real! Zone Bowling is open, and we’re excited to let you know how we’re going to give you a safe space to satisfy your senses. Minimal Touch, Maximum Clean, Keep the Distance!

Safety Message For Our Zone Bowling NSW Guests - Effective 09.10.2020

To prevent the COVID-19 virus from making a comeback we are taking extra steps to keep everyone safe and help us spread the fun, not germs.

  • 6 person limit per bowling lane – larger groups will be split across two or more lanes (NSW locations only)
  • Corporate events can be booked for up to 300 guests or lesser of the maximum available capacity using the 1 person per 4m2 with a 6 person limit per bowling lane (NSW locations only). The NSW Public Health Order defines corporate events as events organised by a business or other organisation. This does not include Birthday Party bookings. Full event details and regulations will be discussed with you by our team. 
  • Birthday Party bookings and social group bookings are limited to 30 people in total (NSW locations only). This includes parents/carers in attendance for all bookings. If you have already booked for more than 30 people, one of our team will be in contact to talk through the various options open to you.
  • Bowling balls will be either colour coded or identified by coloured stickers to ensure they are not shared by groups next to your lane. The balls will continue to be cleaned and returned to the rack after every game by our team.
  • Lane seating has been adjusted to ensure 1.5m space between guests.
  • A full-time Hygiene Hero will be available on all bowling lanes during peak times.
  • Food wipes will be made available with all food orders.
  • All guests will have to register upon entering a Zone Bowling venue. 

Together we can ensure our families, friends and community remain safe and well.

Stay Home If Sick

First things first, please stay home if you show any signs of illness.  Our team will be doing the same.  We will gladly postpone any bookings if you can’t make it on a particular day.

Team Certified Training

Our team have all completed and been certified with our new training, ‘Hygiene Hero’, developed to cover everything COVID-19 related so they understand what COVID-19 is, how it is best prevented, what sanitisation cleaning is required and how this is done, and what to do in the event that a team member or Guest in the venue has flu like symptoms. The team who are certified will be wearing a ‘Hygiene Hero’ badge so you can be sure that you are in safe hands.

Minimal Touch

  • We’ve increased the amount of hand sanitising stations in our venues
  • While our games will be clean, sanitising wipe stations are now throughout our venues, giving you a safe choice if you want to wipe down the game before hitting Player One
  • We encourage you to use contactless payment instead of cash. We have enabled PayWave on all our Eftpos Terminals. Better yet, book and pay online before you visit us to remove any form of payment in venue
  • Bowling shoes will still be required to be worn and we will ensure they are santised before and after each use
  • PPE like gloves and masks are not recommended by the health authorities, but we do have some on hand for our staff should it make them more comfortable

Maximum Clean

  • We’ve introduced our ‘Hygiene Heroes’ who will provide detailed sanitisation of equipment
  • We’ve classified some of our high touch attractions ‘Single use Sanitise’. These are our attractions that will be cleaned after every use and signage will be placed on them to let you know they’re safe. This includes activities and items such as bowling balls, VR games, laser tag guns and vests and bumper cars
  • We have hourly clean routines for all our team, with sanitising equipment on hand. They will not only be cleaning games but also high traffic areas like handrailings, door handles, and bathrooms
  • We’re taking our end of day clean to the next level and are going in for a daily deep clean

Keep the Distance

  • We have limited the number of guests in all our venues to enable you space to roam
  • Our team have measured and mapped all our venues, moved and maneuvered all our games to provide a safe space for you
  • You’ll see distance reminders and direction markers at key areas and positioning prompts just in case you forget in the excitement
  • We’ll be limiting capacity at some of our attractions such as laser tag, but that will just increase the fun with more room to hide
  • In venues with lifts, there will be a limit of 2 people per trip. In venues with escalators, please leave 4 escalator steps between each person

Food and Beverage

  • Disposable food packaging will be used for a while to keep you extra safe, but we look forward to getting back to plates and cutlery so we can also take care of the environment
  • Where we have table seating for dining these have been spread out for your comfort and safety
  • Our drinks will all be served in bottles or with lids
  • Handsfree counter collection of food and drinks is available
  • Our kitchen health and safety practices follow the highest standards in the world, and we will keep this going especially during this time

As the times change then so will we. Our processes are being constantly refined and our responses fine-tuned. Our team are undergoing more training, have more information, and are better prepared than ever to provide you with a fantastic, fun experience in a safe and secure space.

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