Sam Cooley

Name: Sam Cooley

Home Centre: Shellharbour Bowl/Campbelltown City Bowl

Age: 24 years old

Bowls: Right handed

300 games: 50

Current Average: 235 average

How many major title wins: 3 ABF Tour Titles, 5 National Adult Majors - 2010 ZONE BOWLING Australian Masters, 2012 Hobart Cup, 2014 South Australian Cup, 2016 Kegel Qld Open, 2016 Australian Open. 1 time World Champion - 2012 World Youth Championships All-Events Winner.

What bowling brands do you use: Brands: 900 Global and VISE Inserts

When did you start bowling: Started bowling at the age of 4.

Why did you take up bowling: I took up bowling at a young age because I didn't like contact sports like Football, and not many other outdoor sports that Australia is famous for (cricket, hockey). I didn't fancy swimming so that was an easy decision. I did take up golf and lawn bowls very briefly but bowling stood out for me the most.  Bowling isn't affected by the weather like golf and other sports I tried at the time. No matter what it's like outside you can always bowl. 20 years later I'm glad I stuck by the choice I made.

Proudest bowling achievement: My proudest achievements would be winning the biggest tournament Australia had back in 2010 in the Australian Masters, becoming the youngest to win the title at 19. Another achievement was becoming a World Champion in the 2012 World Youth Championships in the All-Events Category. To date the achievement I'm most happy with was 3rd place in the PBA Players Championship and having the chance to go onto win but coming up short due to user error.

Who is your bowling hero and why:
My bowling heroes are Tommy Jones, Wes Malott, Pete Weber, Norm Duke, Robert Smith. Watching these players over the years growing up inspired me to model my game to be as strong as theirs - my physical game to emulate Tommy, Wes and Robert, mentally to be like Norm, Tommy and Wes, and the passion and drive to always improve and win like all of them.

What other sports do you enjoy: Other sports I like to play include poker and golf. Poker is all mental and at times I feel it has helped me in bowling at times. 
I enjoy golf purely for the fun and getting outdoors, even though I spend most of the time hacking away in the grass or sand.


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