Drew Charlton

Name: Drew Charlton

Home Centre: ZONE BOWLING Tuggeranong

Age: 39

Bowls: Right Handed

300 games: 9

Current Average: 209

How many major title wins: Sadly no major Adult titles, they are hard to come by with so many great bowlers in Australia.  I'll keep trying though.

What bowling brands do you use: Storm for the last 15 years or so, they make great bowling balls that seem to match up to the way I like to play, plus they smell interesting...especially when there is more than one in the boot.

When did you start bowling: 1989

Why did you take up bowling: We were in the centre at Woden and one of the counter staff came and recruited me... i've been bowling ever since (see it can be done by ZONE BOWLING staff don't be scared ;-) )

Proudest bowling achievement: Anytime the ACT team finish in the top three, Team ACT have a proud history of punching above our weight, those moments have topped the personal tournament wins for me.

Who is your bowling hero and why: I always loved watching Tim Mack, he threw the type of ball i could only aspire to.  These days watching Belmo go to work is always fun and Frawls still throws it great!

What other sports do you enjoy: Golf, Skiing, Horseracing and Rugby league, i'm a huge fan of the Raiders!

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