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School Holiday special

These Holidays, pick up a THREE BIG serves of fries for $24.90! That's 1 bowl of curly fries, 1 bowl of sweet potato and 1 bowl of super crunch fries! Offer starts 22 June!

School Holiday special

Curb your sweet craving with DELICIOUS oreo churros! Served with vanilla ice cream and a nutella drizzle... Offer starts 23 June!

School Holiday special

For when that snack craving hits! Try the new Cheeseburger bites! Little chicken and cheese nuggets that taste like mini cheeseburgers!? Offer starts 23 June!
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Feeling Hungry?

We can guarantee you won't be leaving ZONE BOWLING feeling hungry with our Variety Feast Deal. 4 Hotdogs, 1 Large Fries, 4 600ml Schweppes drinks and 15 Nuggets with sauce, can you say DELICIOUS! Head into venue to tantalise your taste buds!


You can't buy happiness but you can buy pizza and that's kind of the same thing! Indulge at Zone Bowling with Pizza Mania! Get 2 Pizzas and 4 x Drinks for $44.90! How many slices can you eat?
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Kids Zone!

Treat the Kids! From $9.90 pick up a Kids Meal at Zone Bowling and add YUM to the FUN!

Berry nice!

Morning or afternoon bowling trip? Treat yourself to a delicious white chocolate & raspberry muffin and a small coffee.

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Bowl your taste buds away!

It’s fresh. It’s exciting. It’s the cure for all hangry humans everywhere. Our menu is a surefire winner, guaranteed to squash hunger pangs, make your grumpy partner loveable again and recharge your noodly bowling arm! We know you’ll want more...

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Group game? Our legendary nachos, Hot n’ Smoky BBQ Wings and authentic pizza make for easy snacking and sharing with friends. Add some beers, super crunch fries and New York sliders to the mix and you’ll really hear the crowd cheer!

Lone riders

We get it: sometimes you really don’t want to share the juicy, cheesy, beefy deliciousness that is our Zone Signature Burger... And if someone steals ONE MORE of your shoestring fries, you might just go spare. No sweat: there are plenty of options for those who want their nibbles all to themselves!

Zone Bowling: it’s what’s for dinner

Got kids? Bring them. And watch their eyes light up when they see our special menu options designed especially for smaller stomachs. Chicken dippers, hot dogs... And if they’ve been good, treat them to a magical milkshake, too!

Sweet is the word

Be warned: Our Sweet Zone features a range of addictively sugary treats. You’re guaranteed to come back for more. Mini tub of hot cinnamon donuts with Nutella drizzle, anyone?

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