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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy applies to your personal information regardless of the way in which we collect it, for example, whether it is collected via one of our websites, when you visit one of our venues, when you contact one of our customer service departments or visit one of our social media sites.

Spread Fun, Not Germs

At Zone Bowling we strive to ensure your safety but there are inherent risks with using our centres. Here are tips to stay safe and have more fun!

Terms and Conditions

View all the terms and conditions of booking through ZONE BOWLING.

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People With A Disability

At ZONE BOWLING we are proud of how inclusive we are for all as we embrace our ability to have People With A Disability (PWAD) play at our venues every day and night of the week!

Kids Parties

Do you remember your first bowling party? Of course you do. It's one of those rites of passage that every child goes through. Now it's your time to make new memories for your child and their friends.