Laser Tag

It’s time to enter the battlefield! Your mission: Score as many points as you can for your team by striking members of the enemy forces in their target vests on each shoulder, their backs, fronts and Laser Tag phaser guns. And don't forget, the enemy has its sights set on your target vests too, so do your best to out-think, out-last, and out-shoot your foe in an mega exciting Laser skirmish that will get your heart rate up.

No Experience Needed

Haven’t played Laser Tag before? Feel like you have no clue what you’re doing? Don’t sweat it. No experience is needed to duke it out in a Laser skirmish at our venues. Just gather your friends, search “laser tag near me” to find the nearest location, and head on over to begin your game.

Battle It Out As You Party It Up!

Take your Laser Tag experience to the next level and give your friends and guests an experience they won’t forget. It’s time to host a Laser Tag party and put you and your guests’ competitive spirit to the test! Check out ZONE BOWLING’s group and corporate packages to plan a day out with your colleagues, friends, or family members.

If you know someone celebrating their birthday soon, throw them a Laser Tag birthday party for a fun day out! We offer all-in-one options at attractive prices including venue, entertainment, food, and planning so you don’t have to lift a finger on the day itself.

Get Your Game On In Our Laser Arenas

Check out our laser tag deals and offers below. With affordable prices to beat, you’ll find yourself coming back for more!

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Standard Games Laser

Step into the laser zone and get ready to rumble. Battle it out in the Laser Arena for only $13.00 per person! Will you come out a Laser warrior?

Standard Games Laser

Offer Details

  • 1 game of Laser Tag $13.00

Triple Play

For those who don't tire easy...Get 3 games of Laser tag for Adults $24.50 and Concessions $21.50 per person! Sunday till Thursday from 7pm.

Triple Play

Offer Details

  • Get 3 games of Laser Tag for $21.50 per person
  • Sunday-Thursday from 7pm
  • One game of Laser Tag lasts around 15 minutes 

What Are You Waiting For?

It’s time to get your Laser Tag game on! ZONE BOWLING has put safety measures into place to ensure you can kick back, relax, and have fun without any worries. Check out our FAQs for more information, or reach out to us if you have a question we haven’t answered yet!