End Of Financial Year

So you've survived the end of financial year madness? Well then it's time to celebrate with a EOFY Party! But first, have yourself a nice little party planning meltdown while trying to make every colleague (and the boss!) happy...Or: let ZONE BOWLING do the worrying. We aim to make the lives of all party planners much easier. How? By ticking off all the must-have elements of a successful work party:

  1. Fun, no-pressure activities: bowling, laser tag, Timezone arcade games... Feel your blood pressure drop!
  2. Great food (Yes, we do vegetarian and gluten free options, too)
  3. A fully licensed bar 
  4. Cool music (no repeats!)
  5. Relaxed atmosphere
  6. Good value for money (Finance Guy stamp of approval!).

It gets even better: you don't have to worry about pre-party setting up or post-party clean up: our years of experience in hosting incredible group functions have given us a good grasp of where the find the in-house mop, so that you don't have to!

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