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Enjoy Fun-Filled Kids Birthday Parties

Kids Birthday Parties. You've dealt with bee stings at the zoo, sunstroke on the beach and a living room that needed repainting after the last Frozen-themed bash... And you're finally up for the "Best Parent" Award. Why? Because you're planning your kid's favourite birthday party experience at ZONE BOWLING, that's why!

Here's why we beat the birthday blues every time:

  1. Great Birthday Party Package Deals
  2. Guaranteed fun & entertainment with games aplenty
  3. A dedicated ZONE BOWLING party host to organise everything
  4. No pre-party stress, no post-party clean up!

But we offer way more than practical birthday party solutions that delight parents' weary hearts... 100% of kids and teenagers agree that ZONE BOWLING birthday parties are the bee's knees! We've got spacious venues packed with bowling, laser tag, games, yummy food, cool music... It's the perfect opportunity for kids to show off their skills, have fun with friends, work off loads of energy and even get creative with cool themed costumes or decorations!

No doubt with a birthday party at ZONE BOWLING, your young one is going to be the most popular kid in school. Everyone’s going to want an invite to an entire day of fun, fun, and even more fun! Speaking of invites, all of our party packages include invitations, a birthday card, complimentary use of the venue’s birthday room, and more to make your kid feel extra special.

Host the Best Kids Birthday Parties at ZONE BOWLING

If you’re looking for fun birthday party ideas for kids or teens, your search ends here. Our variety of party entertainment packages offer a range of playtimes, games, Powertickets and experiences to suit your budget and preferences. Check out our awesome birthday party packages below now and make your kids’ party dreams come true! 

Please note due to Government Restrictions limiting the number of guests we can have in Zone Bowling at one time we have reduced the number of we can hold at one time and are not taking online bookings. Please contact us on 0800 467043 so we can discuss party options with you. 


The Covid Traffic Light System and Birthday Parties

Please note due to Government Restrictions in the Traffic Light System, we will not be taking bookings for parties in the Red Level.

Parties can be booked and held in the Orange Level. All guests 12 years 3 months+ must be fully vaccinated (or have a medical exemption) and will be required to show their Vaccine Certificates for entry. Guests under 12 years 3 months are exempt from vaccination requirements. Read more about how we will keep you safe here

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Time Play on Red & Yellow Swipers only

*Subject to availability

**Only available at Zone Bowling Botany and Zone Bowling Wairau

*** Kidzone only available at Zone Bowling Wairau