Kids Parties

Kids Birthday Parties

Kids Birthday Parties. You've dealt with bee stings at the zoo, sunstroke on the beach and a living room that needed repainting after the last Frozen-themed bash... And you're finally up for the "Best Parent" Award. Why? Because you're planning your kid's favourite birthday party experience at ZONE BOWLING, that's why! Here's why we beat the birthday blues every time: 1. Great Birthday Party Package Deals 2. A dedicated ZONE BOWLING host to help with planning 3. No pre-party stress, no post-party clean up! But we offer way more than practical birthday party solutions that delight parents' weary hearts... 100% of kids agree that ZONE BOWLING birthday parties are the bee's knees! We've got bowling, laser tag, games, yummy food, cool music... It's the perfect opportunity for kids to show off their skills, have fun with friends, work off loads of energy and even get creative with cool themed costumes or decorations! 

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**Only available at Zone Bowling Botany