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Enjoy Fun-Filled Kids Birthday Parties

Kids Birthday Parties. You've dealt with bee stings at the zoo, sunstroke on the beach and a living room that needed repainting after the last Frozen-themed bash... And you're finally up for the "Best Parent" Award. Why? Because you're planning your kid's favourite birthday party experience at ZONE BOWLING, that's why!

Here's why we are the ultimate all-inclusive birthday party destination:

  1. Great Birthday Party Package Deals to suit all budgets and preferences
  2. Guaranteed fun, happy kids, and a birthday child who feels special
  3. A dedicated ZONE BOWLING party host to organise everything and entertain the kids, so you can sit back and relax
  4. No pre-party stress, no post-party clean up!

But we offer way more than practical birthday party solutions that delight parents' weary hearts... 100% of kids and teenagers agree that ZONE BOWLING birthday parties are the bee's knees! We've got spacious venues packed with bowling, laser tag, games, yummy food, cool music... It's the perfect opportunity for kids to show off their skills, have fun with friends and work off loads of energy.

All of our party packages also include invitations, a birthday card and complimentary use of the venue’s birthday room.

What is a ZONE BOWLING party host?

Our dedicated party hosts will run your kid’s birthday party from start to finish. They will take the kids off your hands when you arrive, lead them around the venue to enjoy their activities, and help them get involved. Above all, our party hosts are there to create FUN. They will play games and entertain the children throughout the entire party as well as make sure that the birthday child is at the centre of everything and feels special on their big day – all while you sit back and relax!

Host the Best Kids Birthday Parties at ZONE BOWLING

We have a variety of party entertainment packages to suit your budget and preferences. Check them out below to make your kids’ party dreams come true!

Our children’s birthday party packages include everything from venue rental to non-stop games (choose from Bowling, Laser Tag, or Kidzone entry) to Powertickets to invitations. Yup, we’ll take care of the pre-party prep too – whether that’s decorating invites, writing out a birthday card for the star of the day, or making sure there’s enough food and drinks to keep a host of kids or teens well-fed.

Just say the word and our expert party planners will help ensure everything runs smoothly from start to finish. You’ve never pulled off a birthday party with this little work ever before.

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*Subject to availability

**Only available at Zone Bowling Botany, Zone Bowling Wairau and Zone Bowling Henderson

*** Kidzone only available at Zone Bowling Wairau