Autumn School Holiday Deals have landed!


Load up the fun these School Holidays, and get some massive bonus credit on select loads!

Get $90 gameplay credit, when you load up $60

Get $220 gameplay credit, when you load up $120 

Can't make it into Zone Bowling?

You can grab the deal online through the Timezone Fun App from where ever you are.

Plus if you complete your registration for a new account, we'll give you a $10 Bonus Arcade Credit for your next visit!

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Terms and Conditions apply. Offer valid in Timezone and Zone Bowling from 4 April - 3 March. Any bonus credit amount must be loaded onto the purchaser's Powercard and cannot be split across multiple cards. 

Arcade Credit

Load any amount onto your Powercard and tap the Swiper to begin your game. Get extra value with our load up deals and experience the entertainment overload.

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Remember the first time you walked into an arcade?

Take a moment - we can wait.

For us, the memory is one of a dimly lit room, dozens of bright arcade machines in all shapes and sizes blinking and bleeping, and kids completely entranced by the games, often swarming around a particular one in excitable packs.

The real beauty of it is that this memory is shared across generations and places, and is almost identical every time no matter where you are in New Zealand.

Where it all began

Before the days of smartphones and Xboxes, the grandfather of arcade games, 'Skee Ball', was created. Pinball games followed not long after, but were actually banned in certain areas because some thought they seemed too much like gambling! Then came the immortal Pong, Space Invaders, Asteroids, and Pacman, the last of which would become the most popular arcade game of all time.

What Zone Bowling’s Arcades have on offer

Different locations have different games, but generally, Zone Bowling Centres in NZ are a treasure trove of old and new arcade games, mixing the best of the classics and the latest in the new technology such as Space Invaders Frenzy, Monster Drop Xtreme, first-person-shooter types, car racing, air hockey tables and more.

The arcade is where your Granny and your kids are on the same playing field - with a remarkably similar grin on each face. Sure kids love this place, but it's also where parents can challenge their little rascals at the games they grew up playing, and the young ones can teach a thing or two to the more wizened visitors, too. Everyone needs that little bit of time out away from homework, chores, jobs, bills, housework, presentations, and quarterly reviews, and there's nothing quite like the distraction of a room full of arcade machines.

See if you can beat your own high score, your friends' high scores, or even the all-time top scores. And don’t forget — there are tons of arcade prizes in store for top-scorers! So if you’re looking for an arcade of unparalleled fun and excitement somewhere near you, look no further than ZONE BOWLING. Check out our ZONE BOWLING locations in New Zealand for ten-pin bowling and games galore!