Tips to help your children get into bowling


Bowling is a great school holiday activity to get out with the kids and have some family fun time. Or family war time ... depending on your family.

Rather than simply defeating your children and laughing maniacally, however (remember, they are the ones who will take care of you when you're elderly), you should consider helping them bowl better to even the game and make it a more enjoyable experience for everybody. Plus if they're better at it and you still win, it will feel even better!

Here are some tips for helping your youngsters get a higher score.

Explain the rules 

It's OK to be 'that guy' at a party, but not explaining the rules to your children is just mean. It doesn't matter if it seems obvious to you, a child who has never bowled before may have no idea what's what, what goes where and how what does who what now. Teach them some basics about holding the ball, as well as a general approach technique, and which style to finish a bowl with.

Bump up the bumpers 

Though the bumpers may be a sign of weakness to many seasoned adults, they are available for a reason. Not every child has the technique or power to get the ball down the lane without guttering it constantly, so why not ask for the bumpers to be put up on their turn? That way they can score a few pins, even if the ball goes at a snail's pace to get there.

Get the right weight 

Bowling balls are heavy beasts to carry for a small child, even junior-sized ones. Look around the alley for a ball you think is suitable. Very young children will benefit from the smallest, lightest balls, whereas slightly older children may want to try something a little bigger. If it's comfortable to hold and swing, let them try and give it a go. You can always change it up later.