Top 3 tips to get you battle ready for laser


Laser Tag is no longer just a game, it’s a way of life, only the battle born and those with true determination are worthy to step up to the plate.  Well, that’s not 100% true but it does help you score a lot higher than you other team mates if you take our advice. ZONE BOWLING is the perfect location to take up arms and battle it out with, or against your friends and family.

We know that sometimes it’s not as simple as point and shoot and hope for the best, so we have put together the top 3 tips you need to get your head around before you step into the arena next round.

1) Always keep a low profile 

Laser Tag arenas are always known for their dark lighting and adventurous designs, so why not use that to your advantage and minimise your appearance by dressing in dark colours and sticking close to walls and blocks. This way you can be the master of surprise when you come face to face with your next victim.

2) Laser Vests have multiple hit zones

As part of basic training for most soldiers, it is taught that vests have multiple hit zones. The shoulders, chest and back are the main targets, however the rifle is one of the most underrated hit spots on an enemy. So next time you see a enemy poke their rifle around a corner next time, unleash a barrage of shots at that the target and you will be walking away with the win.

3) Train more than your enemies with ZONE BOWLING’s Triple Play Laser!

Thankfully ZONE BOWLING has revealed the Triple Play Deal to help you get the training in you need to be the Universal Soldier! Get down to your nearest venue and grab the deal from $19.50 and enjoy 3 games of laser. Make sure to check availability as this deal is only available between Sunday to Thursday from 7PM until close.