Corono Blog

The Coronavirus is real, so is our response 

We’d like you to know that our venue is open for business although during this period our trading hours may be impacted so please double check our opening and closing hours online before visiting us.

The current coronavirus has all of us on high alert, and we are monitoring the situation closely, which is why we are taking necessary precautions to keep our venues safe, clean and enjoyable. The team at ZONE BOWLING are committed to ensuring our venues remain safe for our guests to attend and our team members to work in during the current situation. Here at ZONE BOWLING –the teams have committed to the following actions:

  • Increasing the regular cleaning and sanitising schedules within our venues. This includes the cleaning of our bowling balls every day and our laser vests and phasers after every mission. Our teams are dedicated to cleaning all guest touch-points such as dining tables and chairs, counter tops, and even door handles at least once an hour, and our players lounges after each bowling booking has completed their fun.
  • Removing our self-service cutlery from our guest areas and providing them with each meal prepared.
  • Continuous food safety training and continual disinfecting of food service and preparation areas to the highest standards.
  • Ensuring a supply of sanitiser at the counters for use by our guests and team members.
  • Remaining vigilant and complying with operational directives in line with our Coronavirus Management Plan.
  • Any Team members who are returning from international travel are self-isolated for the recommended 14-day period.
  • Any Team members that are feeling unwell or displaying cold or flu like symptoms are requested to not attend our workplaces and seek medical assistance.
  • Monitoring attendance levels within all our venues to ensure they remain at safe levels as advised by the health authorities.

We need our guests support as well to ensure we continue to provide a fun environment. If you are feeling unwell please stay at home and recover there. We’ll see you again when you are feeling better. For our guests who come into see us, we recommend replacing high fives with elbow bumps, humming “Happy Birthday” twice while washing hands, and coughing into your arm, rather than in the open. Based upon our own standards and preparedness, along with guidance from various heath sources, we strive to ensure our venues remain as safe and fun as possible. The health and safety of our team members and guests is paramount.

We look forward to seeing you on the lanes soon.