Prepare to be bowled over by nonstop action


Anyone with half a soul in their body loves bowling – it’s the perfect way to figure out if your new friend is actually an undercover robot (the clue is when they bowl ten consecutive strikes and don’t smile). But that doesn’t mean throwing “rocks” (bowling balls to those in the know) is all you can do at ZONE BOWLING. Check out all these other options beyond the lanes that you’ll enjoy.

Laser is a heart-pounding battle of wills 

If bowling isn’t directly competitive enough for you, laser tag is the perfect option for going head-to-head against friends, rivals and family members who mistakenly think they can bring it. Our dark-future battlefields are designed to give you the most exciting arena in which to fight. Which means you can lie in wait for your mates before launching your assault.

Oh my, that menu 

You might not think of your local bowling alley as the place to score some delicious food, but one look at ZONE BOWLING’s menu is sure to get your mouth watering (wipe your chin). We’re talking a range of burgers, two types of hot dogs, and lots to share! That’s before we flip over to check out the exciting milkshakes for the designated drivers and under-18s. Hang on – what’s this about a Potato Bar? Did we die on the way here and wind up in Bowler Heaven?

More games than you conceivably handle

Arcades have made a massive comeback in recent years, as gamers embrace the competition and face-off potential of new-school pinball machines and classic titles. Video games and bowling alleys have gone hand in hand since Final Fight and Gauntlet were babies, but ZONE BOWLING’s arcades has taken this one step further, joining with the Timezone to bring you the best arcades to our Christchurch venue. Whether you want to prove your dominance on the air-hockey table, test your run’n’gun skills on a rail shooter or show these rookies how it’s done in Daytona, there’s a title with your name on it.

We missed the desserts 

Look, it’s gonna be tempting to fill up at the Potato Bar, with its many tuber-based options. But before you get your starch on, be aware than there’s plenty of delicious fare to neck after your main meal. Keep an eye on your friends though – you don’t want that ice-cream sundae or ice-cream spider to disappear before you head back to the laser arena.