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Choose Zone Bowling for Your Birthday Party in Perth

Whether for a kids’ party, a teen shindig, or a more adult do, Zone Bowling in Perth is your ideal party venue.

Birthdays come but once a year. So, when they do come, they need to be special – really special! This is part of our ethos, here at Zone Bowling. We love birthdays nearly as much as we love bowling. And, it is this love of these special times that has made us one of the best party venues in Perth.

So, don’t delay. Let’s make that next birthday of yours extra special. We are the experts when it comes to kids’ parties, teen parties, adult parties, and more, right here in Perth. We believe that everyone deserves a great birthday, regardless of their age.

Making a booking is remarkably easy. Just head to the booking form on our website and get it planned in.

Do you still have questions about our birthday shindigs? That’s no problem, just get in touch with us whenever you can, and we’ll be happy to answer them.


What Makes Us the Perfect Birthday Party Venue in Perth?

We don’t like to blow our own trumpet... but we will anyway! This is because we want you to know why we are such a good choice for your special birthday party in Perth. Here’s why.

We provide birthday fun for all ages

It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, the rules are the same – birthdays are great fun and should be celebrated. This is why we adopt an inclusive approach to birthdays, providing the following:

  • Kids’ parties in Perth: Kids have a lot of energy, and we understand that. That’s why we go out of our way to provide the best possible experience to your kids on their birthdays, and to harness that energy as best we can.
  • Teen parties in Perth: Your teen is no kid. But that does not mean that they shouldn’t be made to feel special on their birthday. They absolutely should be! This is what our teen parties are all about.
  • Adult parties in Perth: Anyone, of any generation, deserves to have a great time on their birthday. We firmly believe this at Zone Bowling. This is what we aim to achieve with our adult birthday parties.

Loads of bowling fun

We are the bowling experts. This is why we have created a fun place for you and your group to enjoy great times, knocking down pins and claiming strikes!

This means great environment, great atmosphere, and great equipment. Basically, everything you need to have an unbelievable time when bowling.

What’s more, our expert staff are on hand as well to provide all the assistance you need. Simply reach out to them and get in touch, either in person during your party or over the phone during the planning process.

Lots more to enjoy, too

Of course, there is more to enjoy here besides bowling. Whenever you need a break from the bowling action, simply head over to the Games and other entertainment. Here, you’ll find a wealth of options for you and your group to enjoy, making sure your birthday party is the best it can be.

All that bowling and fun can get tiring, not to mention hunger- and thirst-inducing. Don’t fear. We provide everything you need to stay energised and upbeat throughout the whole day. Enjoy the food and drink we have on offer. We are sure that you will.

Get in the party mood, with none of the stress

Planning a party can be stressful. There’s a lot to take on board, a lot to consider, and – unfortunately – also quite a lot that can go wrong. This is why party planning is best left to the experts – it's best left to those who really know how to throw a birthday party in Perth.

Of course, that means us! That means our team here at Zone Bowling! We can take away all of the stress and strain of party planning, and leave you just to enjoy the good times with friends and family.

We’ll even take on the cleanup duties for you. This means no worry at all, just great party times.

Ready to get started? Enquire now!

If you need further information, just get in touch. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Find the Perfect Gift, Without the Hassle

It can be really tricky to find a great gift for the birthday boy or girl. More often than not, they have everything already, and you end up stressing out about what to buy them. No one wants to experience that situation.

So don’t! Just pick up a Zone Bowling gift card and make sure that your special someone receives a gift they are really going to love. Head over to the gift card page and make your selection – a truly special present for a bowling fan.

We Do Corporate Events, You Know!

It’s not just birthdays that we cater for. We also provide great times to work parties from across Perth and the surrounding area. If you want to make sure your corporate event or work does hit the right notes, call upon the specialist party venue here in Perth.

We have a great track record in achieving the best results for all our customers. We will put this experience to work as we craft the perfect party for you and your colleagues.

Want to Get Competitive? Check Out Our Leagues

Bowling is always fun. However, for some, the extra spice of competition makes it all the more exciting. If this sounds like you, why not come and check out our leagues. These leagues make for the perfect opportunity to really show off what you can do with a bowling ball.

So, get involved! Find yourself a league today and start pursuing that glory – all while having a great time.

Are you ready to make a booking? Enquire with us today. Just fill in your details and let’s us organise your bowling session.

Do you need more information? Reach out to our team today and let us help you find what you need.

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