Bowling Alleys In Perth

Zone Bowling in Perth: Come and Have a Great Time with Us in WA

Let's get together at your favourite bowling alley in Perth... Zone Bowling.

What do you need for a great time? Well, you need the right venue. You need the right people. You need the right help and support. And, we believe, anyway, you need bowling.

Sure, we might be a little bit biased, but we believe bowling is the best way to have the best time in Perth. This is why we have built the perfect venue to give you and your friends the most enjoyable time possible.

All the ingredients are there. We just need you to come along and make it perfect. 

So, let's get started. 

Do you still need more information? No worries. You'll find plenty of information right here on our website, all of which is designed to support you as you make the right choice for your next bowling session. You can also reach out to us directly. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

What Makes Us the Best in Perth?

There are many reasons why we are your best choice for great bowling times in Perth. Here are just a few.

We love bowling, and we know what makes a bowling game great

You come to us because you are looking for a great time while bowling. We provide everything you need to make that happen. Our venue is nice and clean, our lanes are high-performance, and the equipment we use is topnotch. 

All that's left is for bowling fans like you to come and put our Perth bowling alley through its paces. So make your booking today!

We have a wealth of Games on offer

Sure, there's plenty of bowling here. But that's not all there is. You'll also have the chance to enjoy great Games and attractions whenever you need a break from the lanes. 

Of course, that bowling action will still be waiting for you when you get back. No worries.

Great food and refreshment as well!

We support you at every turn. This means giving you the food and drink you need to really enjoy yourself as you bowl, as well as the energy you need to keep on going.

When you need a bite to eat, or a quick drink, just head over to the cafe and let us provide what you need!

Hold Your Birthday Party at Zone Bowling

Do you have a birthday party coming up? Do you know someone who does? Choose Zone Bowling as your party venue. We are the specialists when it comes to parties of all kinds, for people of all ages.

We Do Corporate Parties Too!

It's not just birthdays that we cater for. We also handle corporate parties. Check out our packages and enquire now!

Looking for the Perfect Gift?

It can be hard to know what gift to buy. That's why we provide our Zone Bowling gift card, giving you the gift you need to make that special someone smile.

Join Our Leagues

Bowling is extra fun when it's extra competitive. With this in mind, why not join our leagues? The league is the perfect forum for you to put your bowling skills to the test.

To get started, enquire with us today! For any questions or queries, get in touch!

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