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Choose Zone Bowling When It's Time for a Great Sydney Party

Zone Bowling wants to take your birthday to the next level! Pick a Sydney venue and party on! 

Bowling and birthdays go hand in hand. Whether it's a party for one of the smallest members of your family, or a shindig for one of the older members of your friendship group, bowling means great times for all.

So, where do you look when you need to book your party in Sydney? You look to Zone Bowling, of course.

We have played host to an array of different parties in Sydney, and we know what it takes to give our customers a great time. This is why you can rest assured that we have everything covered, and that we will make sure your party is just perfect.

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What to Expect from Our Bowling Party Venue in Sydney

You get one shot, once a year to bring the fun to your Birthday. We don't expect you to accept second best when it comes to your birthday, or for your kids' party. This is why we go out of our way to make sure the lanes, games and tasty food we provide are top notch.

The Right Type of Fun for All Ages

Everyone loves a great birthday parrrrttaaaayyyy, and we mean everyone! The parties we host here at Zone Bowling in Sydney are not just aimed at kids (although we certainly do provide for them) but are completely inclusive. Everyone is welcome to have FUN!

This means we can provide the following to you, on your special day.

  • Kids' parties in Sydney: We know that kids can be demanding, and that they know what they like and aren't afraid to say so. You won't have to worry when you choose Zone Bowling for your kids' party venue. We've got you covered.
  • Teens' parties in Sydney: Teens don't want to be treated like kids. They have their own thing going on. Delight your teen with a great birthday party at Zone Bowling.
  • Adults' parties in Sydney: It's not just kids and teens that get to have all the fun, adults can, too. Lock in your next birthday party for you and your mates right here at Zone Bowling.

A Stress-Free Good Time

Planning a great party can be tricky. There's so much to get right, and all the while you are battling with the anxiety of "how to make the day special" for your mate, your child, or another loved one! 

Don't let this happen to you. Instead, let us take care of the whole thing for you. We are the experts when it comes to party planning, so we can make sure everything goes without a hitch. What's more, our experienced team is on hand to make sure you have whatever you need, when you need it.

The Aftermath, Taken Care Of

Kids' parties are renowned for getting messy. In fact, teens' and adults' parties can get messy, too! We understand, so we do our best to give you full peace of mind. Our staff will handle the cleanup, and you can get on with enjoying yourself, free from stress or strain.

This is one of the key reasons why it's better to enlist our help rather than trying to host a party at home. Can you imagine handling all that cleanup in your own house? It would be a nightmare.

A Varied Range of Activities on Offer

Of course, we are all about bowling. However, this does not mean that we are one-trick ponies! When you come to Zone Bowling in Sydney, you will find a range of different activities to keep that birthday fun flowing such as: 

  • Laser Tag 
  • Bumper Cars
  • Arcade Games
  • Food
  • and more

Games and attractions make sure our guests stay entertained, and ensure that the atmosphere is always topnotch. Bowl as much or as little as you like – and that goes for all our guests, young and old. When it's time to take a break from the lanes, our other activities provide a welcome change.

All the Refreshment You Need

Your group is going to get hungry and thirsty and we don't expect you to party on an empty stomach.

Whether you need tasty snacks for a group of kids, or for some of your oldest friends, we can provide. We provide the energy, the fuel, and the great times you need to level up and deliver the best on the lanes. You can count  on us, with a delicious menu

The Great Party Times You Need, Within Your Budget

Everyone wants to have a great time on their birthday, yet no one wants to break the bank while doing it! How can you get the best of both worlds – a great party that doesn't cost the Earth? Simply speak to our team. We can make sure that you enjoy the great party you deserve, while working within your budget to cover all angles.

You can rely on our team, here at Zone Bowling.

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The Ideal Present: A Zone Bowling Gift Card

Looking for a great present but are all out of ideas? Don't fret, choose one of our gift cards and give the gift of fun.

Choose the right gift card, make your purchase... and there you go! A perfect present for that special someone.

We Do Corporate Events, Too!

Birthdays are important, but not every party is a birthday party. What about a work party or a corporate event

At Zone Bowling, we are happy to say that we handle these, too! Check out our awesome group & corporate party packages.

Get Ultra-Competitive in a Bowling League

Ready to up the stakes of competition? Why not try one of our bowling leagues? Here in Sydney, we give you access to some of the most exciting competitive bowling around when you join our league.

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