Embark on an Epic Laser Tag Adventure


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Laser Tag at Zone Bowling Australia

Battle it out!

It’s time to enter the battlefield...Are you ready?

Zone Bowling calls you to action! Your mission: Dive into the exhilarating Laser Tag battlefield, weave through darkness, and rack up points for your team by hitting enemy targets on vests and phaser guns. But stay sharp — your opponents are gunning for you too! Outwit, outrun, and outshoot your rivals to claim ultimate victory. Are you ready for the challenge?. 

A Different Theme for Each Laser Tag Arena

Discover a unique Laser Tag experience at each Zone Bowling venue! With the Laser Tag Arenas featuring distinct characteristics, you’re promised a fresh, intense, and immersive experience in each and every one. 

As one of the best Laser Tag places in the world, Zone Bowling presents iconic themes ranging from space aliens to prehistoric jungles, urban sprawls, and more. These incredible Laser Tag games are perfect for casual battles, adults’ and kids’ birthday parties, and other special celebrations.

Laser Tag battle vests and phaser gear will be supplied, but there's nothing stopping you from going all out and coming prepared in your own team colours, complete with Rambo-style sweatbands and combat boots. It’s your time to shine! Over to you, soldier.

Find the Best Laser Tag Deals

Ready to grab the crew for the best Laser Tag game of your lives? Check out our Package Deals to get a bigger bang from your buck! Whatever you go with, Zone Bowling’s affordable prices are sure to make all laser lovers happy. ‘Pew, pew’ away!

Explore Your Nearest Laser Tag Arena

Zone Bowling offers Laser Tag at 17 venues across Australia. When searching for a Laser Tag Arena near you, look for the lightning icon beside the venue’s listing to know where you can get involved! 

*Please note that you may be in the Arena with other guests, and making a booking does not mean exclusivity of the Laser Tag Arena for your game session.

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