Look Forward to Hours of Fun with our Kids Birthday Parties Packages

Zone Bowling offers way more than practical birthday party solutions to delight parents' weary hearts … giving children an extraordinary day full of memories they’ll never forget! Believe it or not, but dozens of kids would agree that Zone Bowling birthday parties are heaps of fun! Zone Bowling is the ultimate all-in birthday party destination that will make your kid feel like a superstar on a big day.

What can you look forward to with a Zone Bowling birthday party package?

  • Customisable kids’ party packages
  • Easy booking process
  • A dedicated Party Host to organise the fun
  • Fun party extras for children
  • No pre-party stress, no post-party clean up!

Zone Bowling’s dedicated party planners will coordinate everything from rental of a dedicated party space within our venue to meals to preparing activities for the big day. There is Bowling, Laser Tag, Games, Yummy Food, and cool music... Simply put, Zone Bowling is the perfect place for kids to show off their skills, have fun with friends, and work off loads of energy. All you need to do is show up and get ready to have a blast!

Plus, consider adding bonus party package trimmings like a Trolli or Zappo Showbag to the party mix – chock full of goodies to delight kids of all ages!


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Visit Zone Bowling’s children's birthday party FAQs page for more information, or call 1300 368 067 to speak to a team member directly.


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*Laser Tag available at selected centres.

**One Pin Party and Two Pin Party not available at dual-branded Timezone & Zone Bowling venues

***Epic Party only available at dual-branded Timezone & Zone Bowling venues.

^Red or Yellow Card Readers.