Alley Chat

3 battle plans for laser skirmish domination

When it comes to laser skirmish, nobody likes to lose. Fortunately, there are a few choice tactics you can adopt to achieve the best results.?



Laser Tag

How to avoid a food fight

For a family, choosing where to go for dinner is something of a minefield. One wrong step and everybody's left in a mess! Avoid the battle by dining at ZONE BOWLING.


A fantastic birthday celebration, without the hassle

Everybody loves a good party, but few enjoy the cooking, cleaning and organisation that goes into one. Host your event at ZONE BOWLING and we'll take care of it all.?



Birthday Parties

3 events you can celebrate at your local ZONE BOWLING Centre

ZONE BOWLING centres are great for birthday parties, but those aren't the only events we can host. Read on for a few examples of the many events you can hold here.



Birthday Parties