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Weighty decisions: how to choose the right bowling ball

Bowling is so much more than just knocking down pins; it’s a thrilling sport that combines skill, precision, and, of course, the right bowling ball. Whether you’re a casual bowler out for some family fun at your local Zone Bowling alley or a pro training for a league game, your choice of ball can make all the difference. But how do you know which one is right for you? Let’s break it down. 

1. Get comfy 

There’s no one-size-fits-all rule for ball weight; the most critical factor is comfort. Your bowling ball should feel like an extension of yourself, not an unwieldy burden. And it shouldn’t cause you any pain or strained muscles! Here’s how to find the right weight: 

  • Pick up a ball with your bowling hand. 
  • Use your other hand for support. 
  • Hold the ball for around 5 seconds. Does it feel too light? Too heavy? Can you hold it comfortably, and move around with it? 
  • Keep testing different weights until you find one that feels right for you – light enough to lift but heavy enough to throw precisely in your desired direction. 

It’s also important to factor in your bowling style – if you’re a straight shooter, then heavier balls are a great option as they tend to move consistently down the bowling lane. If you like to add spin to your shot, then a lighter ball will move more freely across the lane. 

For families hitting the bowling lanes, parents should lend a helping hand to their kids in selecting a ball that suits their strength and size. The Zone Bowling Funsquad is always on hand to make this process enjoyable and stress-free. 

 2. Grip it right 

Once you’ve got the right weight, make sure your fingers can fit comfortably and grip inside the holes. Finger grip sizes vary just as much as ball weights, so finding the perfect fit is crucial for accurate and controlled bowling. Too tight or too loose will make it harder to control your ball. 

  • Test your grip by placing your thumb, middle finger, and ring finger into the holes. 
  • Check how easily you can insert and remove your fingers. 
  • Aim for a ‘conventional’ grip, where your fingers go up to the second knuckle. 

3. Add some personality 

While the colour of your bowling ball won’t affect your performance, it can add some personal flair and fun to your game. Zone Bowling offers a rainbow of coloured bowling balls to choose from, making it easy for each family member to pick their fave. Plus, having different colours helps prevent mix-up and arguments over whose ball is whose – no-one wants a lane brawl! 

Time to bowl! 

Whether you’re aiming for a personal best or just looking for some laughs, the perfect bowling ball is your key to success. Check out our latest deals and specials here.

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