ZONE BOWLINGs Easter Bunny Hunt


When the Christmas and New Year season seems to have just ended, up hops the Easter break and to be honest, most people never seem full prepared. It’s that time of year when it’s not quite hot enough to spend all day at the beach and it’s not cold enough to spend all day rugged up in bed. Lucky for all those worried about what to get up to in Autumn, ZONE BOWLING has once again saved the day and added a little something special at venues across Australia.

These Easter holidays we have put together the perfect plan to keep the crew entertained all the way into Winter and found a way to stop an early hibernation. The Bowl It Off Bunny Hunt is a competition like no other that will get you bouncing off the walls hunting for the Easter Bunny in venue. 

At every ZONE BOWLING venue across the country, we invite you to stop on by, Bowl It Off and see if you can find one of the Easter Bunny’s footprints hidden within the venue. If that sense of adventure isn’t enough to satisfy you, then those lucky enough to stumble upon the footprints will go into the draw to win a $5,000 prize!

Now, to think that was all we had going on in store, then you were wrong. We have brought back the classic Original and Ultimate Fun Pass these school holidays to ensure you make the most out of your visit to ZONE BOWLING without burning a hole in your pockets. These School Holiday deals won’t be around for long and neither will be all the food and drink specials we have on offer.

So make sure you Book Online, save time and get down to ZONE BOWLING with the Kids, Mum, Dad, the kid’s next door, Grandma, the postman and the Easter Bunny and Bowl It Off this Easter!