Winter shenanigans: Keeping the kids entertained during school holidays


It's safe to say that late summer nights, BBQs on the beach and long afternoons of family cricket in the backyard have definitely come to a close. Many of you may be wondering how you could possibly keep the kids entertained as bad weather hits Australia hard, and we're here to tell you - there are lots of options!

The school holidays are only a couple of weeks away and with the speed in which they come around, it's a great idea to start thinking of ways to occupy the kids. Check out our favourite four family activities.

1. Bowling

Obviously, our top recommendation is an afternoon here, at ZONE BOWLING! An exciting change of pace from regular sports like cricket and soccer, kids will love having a brand-new challenge placed in front of them. Divvy up teams, and may the best family members win!

2. Arts and crafts

Regular inclusion of art and craft activities in children's lives has been proven to improver their motivation, engagement and self esteem, according to The Kennedy Center, and we recommend ensuring all kids have easy access to materials that give them a chance to explore their creativity. When the rain is pouring, set up a craft station in the kitchen and let your mini Picassos go wild!

3. Build a fort

This is a favourite for the kids - it's a great opportunity for them to let their imaginations run wild. Grab all the sheets off the beds and prop them up using chairs, tables and wall hooks to get a cosy, warm space to play games and read stories with your kids while the rain pours outside.

4. Museum

This sounds a lot drearier than it actually is! Most museums have special exhibitions for kids to get actively involved in - combining the fun of exploring with science and history. Open up their minds with fun facts and interactive displays - we guarantee they'll love it.