Why Zone Bowling Is the Place To Grow (And Glow!) This Spring…

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Sowing the seeds of fun!

It’s spring, baby! A time of growth, rebirth, fresh starts… You know the drill. So, what to do with all that energy fizzing in your veins these school holidays, hmmm? May we suggest a road trip to Zone Bowling to start preparing for a bumper crop of happiness? (We do so enjoy a good growth metaphor!)

Here’s Why Zone Bowling Is the Place To Grow (And Glow!) This Spring…

Feel the love

We’ve all missed spending time with our loved ones – 2020’s been like a brigade of Fun Police lurking on your street ready to pounce the moment the music gets too loud. Things like hugs have become rare and precious, and we’re so over zoom catch ups, frankly… Luckily, spring has brought fresh hope and the chance to reconnect. Zone Bowling is all about friends and family getting together to spend quality time with each other, but we also know that we all still need to be safe and careful. That’s why our venues have strict hygiene and cleaning protocols in place to keep things clean and very unfriendly to any passing Covid bugs… We want you to be able to relax and enjoy your time here without regret.

Spark joy

Celebrated a big birthday during lockdown? Never got to say farewell to a beloved colleague? Haven’t had any kind of party in ages? We feel you. You have the right to have a belated celebration at Zone Bowling, and we have the means to make it all happen! Whether you’re rustling up a themed game of bowling with your mates, working out office woes in laser tag, taking your significant other out on an impromptu date or just need to have a really good meal with some added arcade games thrown in, Zone Bowling delivers. The best thing is that it doesn’t matter what your age is: whether you’re a seasoned CEO or an excitable primary school kid, you’re still going to feel that joyful spark of adrenaline the moment you step through our doors…

Make memories

Your first bowling strike ever. The moment your eyes met those of your future wife across the air hockey table. (And later having your wedding day pics taken there, too.) The day your dad hit the high notes Beyoncé-style during impromptu karaoke. Sharing a milkshake with a significant other, finally conquering the claw machine, watching your granddad play laser tag for the first time, and discovering that your mum is totally obsessed with Pac Man. Every single one of us has a memory about spending time at Zone Bowling. And that’s the whole point: making good memories that will still be putting a smile on your face years later.

To help you make some memories during the school holidays, Zone Bowling has put together two cool deals that can be booked online or in any Zone Bowling or Dual Branded (Timezone and Zone Bowling) venue nationally. Valid from Wednesday 16 September 2020 – 13 October 2020, these deals include:

Mega Fun Zone Pass

  • $29.90 per person
  • 2 Games of Bowling and/or Laser Tag* 
  • Shoe Hire
  • 20 Minutes Arcade Time Play* (Only valid on Red & Yellow Swipers)
  • 250 Power Tickets
  • $10 Café Voucher
  • $10 Return Voucher 

Mini Fun Zone Pass

  • $22.90 per person
  • 1 Game of Bowling or Laser Tag* (Laser Tag only at selected venues)
  • Shoe Hire
  • 15 Minutes Arcade Time Play* (Only valid on Red & Yellow Swipers)
  • 100 Power Tickets
  • $10 Return Voucher 

Both passes give you the opportunity to add on the following online or in venue:

  • 15 Minutes Arcade Time Play* for $5 (Only valid on Red & Yellow Swipers) 
  • 30 Minutes Arcade Time Play* for $10 (Only valid on Red & Yellow Swipers) 

Your safety at Zone Bowling is important to us. Learn about the precautions taken to keep Zone Bowling a place to have fun here.

*Laser Tag only at selected venues