Why You Should Sever Ties with Your Couch This Spring School Holiday

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Does spending time on your couch still spark joy? Have the cushions moulded themselves to fit the contours of your spine a bit too closely? Is your cat starting to take your lap for granted? We think it’s time to spring clean your soul with some fun at Zone Bowling! Here’s why we think you should totally swap your couch for some ten-pin bowling or laser tag this spring…

Your couch can’t feed you

Seriously: stale popcorn and Shapes crumbs hidden down the back of the couch cushions don’t count. Neither does the slice of pizza in the box you forgot was hidden underneath the couch… So, unless you want to use an ice pick to unearth the dodgy pie stuck to the back of the freezer, we suggest swapping your couch for a trip to Zone Bowling. Here you can indulge in a scrumptious feast: burgers and crunchy fries, hot dogs and creamy milkshakes and decadent mini donuts… Best bits? You pick it (from loads of options on our recently revamped menu), we cook it, we bring it, you eat it, we bring you more (if you want), you pass out happy, we clean up after you… Can your couch do that? No.

Your couch can’t tell you you’re awesome. Or give you a real hug.

Yes, your couch is a soft place to land when life gets tough. And it’s really been there for you during all this pandemic drama. But when you need to get back up again, only the love and support of friends and family will help. Reconnect with the people you’ve been missing at Zone Bowling: rustle up a team for a day of bowling or a game of laser tag, invite a friend who’s been down for a milkshake and a chat, rediscover your teen’s smile during an arcade game challenge to blow off pre-exams steam… You could even book yourself a spring birthday party blast! And remember to celebrate by taking as many selfies and grelfies (group selfies) as you can. 

Your couch is not all that hygienic (or into you) anymore

Face it: the air is probably a bit whiffy in your living room. The carpet’s sticky, the couch is crunchy… It has seen things, that poor couch. It seriously needs a break from you! Perfect excuse to get some fresh spring air in your lungs and ditch the couch for a day at Zone Bowling. For one thing, our venues are super clean, and we have special Covid-protocols in place to keep any nasties at bay, so you know you’re safe to play. They’re also safe for every member of the family. (And you didn’t even have to vacuum anything!)

To help you deal with the couch separation anxiety these spring holidays, we’ve put together two really enticing School Holiday deals, available online an in venue and valid from Wednesday, 16 September to 13 October. Check out the details below and click here to book!

Mega Fun Zone Pass

  • $29.90 per person
  • 2 Games of Bowling and/or Laser Tag* 
  • Shoe Hire
  • 20 Minutes Arcade Time Play* (Only valid on Red & Yellow Swipers)
  • 250 Power Tickets
  • $10 Café Voucher
  • $10 Return Voucher 

Mini Fun Zone Pass

  • $22.90 per person
  • 1 Game of Bowling or Laser Tag* 
  • Shoe Hire
  • 15 Minutes Arcade Time Play* (Only valid on Red & Yellow Swipers)
  • 100 Power Tickets
  • $10 Return Voucher 

Both passes give you the opportunity to add on the following online or in venue:

  • 15 Minutes Arcade Time Play* for $5 (Only valid on Red & Yellow Swipers) 
  • 30 Minutes Arcade Time Play* for $10 (Only valid on Red & Yellow Swipers) 

Your safety at Zone Bowling is important to us. Learn about the precautions taken to keep Zone Bowling a place to have fun here.

*Laser Tag only at selected venues