Who is your personal hero?


During the school holidays at ZONE BOWLING, you could be in for a chance at winning $1,000! 

We recently partnered with the upcoming animated movie Big Hero 6 to offer this amazing prize pack to our favourite people - you. All you have to do is tell us who your personal hero is and you go in the draw to win. 

On that note, here is some inspiration to get you thinking.

Super Mum

There's no hero quite like Super Mum. No matter where you are in life, no matter what you are doing, she is always there to be supportive and care for you. More often than not, Super Mum sacrificed her own personal happiness and comfort in order to give you a better life. Her stalwart bravery and heroism has seen her defeat such villains as Dr. Injury and the Dark Lord of Sicknesses.


Let's not discount Dadman, however. The other half of this dynamic duo, Dadman is the go-to guy for when things get tough and you need some advice. A seemingly infinite pool of helpful knowledge, Dadman was instrumental during the Saga of the Driving Lessons, as well as playing a key role in defeating DI-Why and the tyrannical Hulking Homework. 

The Team of Extraordinary Athletes

Always there to inspire bravery and brilliance, The Team of Extraordinary Athletes is a group dedicated to pushing the boundaries of greatness and encouraging younger generations to do the same. No matter the problem, no matter the sport, someone on the Team is worthy of being a personal hero. Personally, we are big fans of the Courageous Carol Gianotti and her super bowling powers! 

Vlad the Vampire

Though many vampires are considered evil, Vlad the Vampire is the exception. He stands up for what he believes in and is fiercely supportive of his family and friends, regardless of their sometimes hideous appearance. Granted, sometimes he's a little too fierce. OK, maybe he's more of an anti-hero.