Holiday activities to keep kids active


It's a familiar sight for parents during the school holidays - a shapeless blob on the couch, staring at the TV with a look somewhere between boredom and complete vacancy of the senses. Yes, we all know how tempting it can be for our kids to veg out for hours in front of the screen, and it's safe to say that almost every parent would prefer that their child was out and about, having fun and staying active. 

Well if you’re looking for how to entertain the kids this Summer, Zone Bowling has you covered for multiple weekends of fun!


With flashing lights, pumping music, strikes and celebration dances to be had, getting the kids up off the couch and active in this sport couldn’t be easier. It’s childhood memories in the making, where they can get a little competitive, share some delicious food and spend quality time with their family and friends.

You don’t even need to know much about bowling to begin! We have guards to stop balls from ending up in the gutters and bowling ball ramps to help make things easier for little hands. And there’s always ‘beginners luck’.

Laser Tag

Our laser tag arenas throw you into a dark, eerie underworld of urban sprawl, a spacey alien atmosphere, an ancient prehistoric jungle or a macabre medieval landscape. Each venue with a completely different experience.

Your heart will be pumping as you manoeuvre through the arena as a lone wolf or a pack, in your brightly coloured LED lit vest and state-of-the-art phaser. Your mission: to score as many points as possible by striking members of enemy forces.

It’s one of those activities where you don’t even notice that you’re working up a sweat. In a maddening attempt to ‘get’ mum or dad, your kids will be running around like crazy!

Arcade Games

The all-time equaliser, arcade games are loved by businessmen and primary school kids alike. You could spend hours in a Zone Bowling arcade, playing the best of the classics like air hockey and car racing, to the latest in technology like Fruit Ninja, Doodle Jump and more!

These games are way more exciting than a regular iPad and definitely an easy way to get your kids out of the house!

Every Zone Bowling has a different selection of games, and if you load up a Powercard you can also take it to Timezone for even more game options!

Want a bit of everything?

These School Holidays we have the family sorted with our Mega and Mini FUN Zone Passes that get you everything on the above list starting from $22.90 pp.

Check out the details below and click here to book!

Mega Fun Zone Pass - $29.90 per person

  • 2 Games of Bowling and/or Laser Tag* 
  • 20 Minutes Arcade Time Play* 
  • 250 Power Tickets
  • $10 Café Voucher
  • $10 Return Voucher 

Mini Fun Zone Pass - $22.90 per person

  • 1 Game of Bowling or Laser Tag* 
  • 15 Minutes Arcade Time Play* 
  • 100 Power Tickets
  • $10 Return Voucher 


*Laser tag not available in every Zone Bowling venue

*Time Play in Fun Zone Passes, only valid on red and yellow Swipers