Top 4 Winter School Holiday Activities | ZONE BOWLING


The weather has gotten colder and the layers are getting thicker, it must mean only one thing, Winter is coming. If you and your family aren’t ready for the Winter period, you better read carefully because we have the top 4 tips to keep everyone happy, busy and warm. ZONE BOWLING is not only the top destination for fun, we are the destination for everything these school holidays.

Check out our top 4 things to do this Winter School Holidays

1. Have a game or two of Bowling

It’s pretty simple these days, jump on the web, head to our website and book a few lanes anytime of the week (because we never like staying closed for too long) and get down to your nearest ZONE BOWLING venue. We even make it more fun during the school holidays with our Mega and Mini Fun Zone Passes allowing you to save on every visit you make. 

2. Challenge the whole family to a round of Laser Tag

Nothing says family time like a bit of friendly competition in the laser arenas at ZONE BOWLING. As we say the more the merrier, so get Mum, Dad, all the kids, their mates, Uncle Bob, Aunt Mary and the Johnson's from next door booked in to see who really is the champion these school holidays. (Laser Tag at select venues only)

3. Tuck in to some tasty treats

Nothing says winter like warm hearty meals and you know that the entire ZONE BOWLING menu is designed for just that reason. If you ever tried our burgers you would know what were are talking about, but for those who are new to the tasty offerings at your local ZONE BOWLING, be ready for sensory overload, because nothing satisfies like our Spud Bar (Tray of 3 types of fries!) or our delicious Honeycomb Break Shake after a few hours of bowling, laser and arcades.

4. Test your skills in the arcade

Did you know that ZONE BOWLING isn’t just known for bowling? We have a wide selection of pretty neat arcade games that can push any skill set to their limit. Our favourite is the classic basketball shooter. This machine is an arcade classic that will turn any competitor into a pro-athlete in around 3 minutes. Grab the kids and see who will be left with washing up duty for the next week as a friendly little bet.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our School Holiday deals here and our delicious food deals here and head into ZONE BOWLING these School Holidays!