Three places you can enjoy a quick game of cricket this summer


It can be hard to keep the kids entertained during the cold winter months, with rainy days and stormy evenings leading to hours spent in front of the television.

But now the sun is shining, the television remote is bound to gather dust as they'll be busy outside exploring and soaking up some much needed vitamin D.

One of the best summer kids activities - and a great one for the adults, too - is a game of backyard cricket. All you need is a bat, some wickets, a ball and a few keen players - oh, and don't forget to put some sizzlers on the barbie!

If your garden isn't quite big enough to accommodate a backyard cricket bonanza, here are three places you can enjoy a quick game this summer.

The beach

Turn the beach into your backyard and bring your cricket set down to the seafront. Not only can you cool off in the water after a hard game, the kids can also practice diving to catch the ball. It's much softer to fall on the sand than the grass!

Public park

There is something quite nice about getting out of the house and heading to a public park over summer. While the kids play cricket, you can people-watch and catch up with your neighbours. Some parks even have BBQs available for rent.

School fields

For a real game of cricket, you may want to see if your children's school fields are open for public use during the holidays. Some schools are happy for people to come and make the most of the wide open spaces when the kids aren't in the classrooms. Many schools include a cricket pitch, allowing your kids to practice their skills and get great in time for the next competitive season.