Creating our Perfect Hashtag | ZONE BOWLING


Have you ever lost hours trawling through hashtags on Instagram or Twitter? Do you feel your breakfast Insta post just isn’t complete without the perfect selection of hashtags? Have you and friends ever said #YOLO or #FOMO out loud?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then your going to love what ZONE BOWLING has in the works for Australia’s Biggest Bowl Off.


Since the inception of Twitter nearly 10 years ago, the usage of hashtags has grown to become the social media trend it is today. Tags like #YOLO, made famous by Canadian rapper Drake back in 2011’s hit track “The Motto”, #Fitspo, the hugely popular fitness inspiration tag that keeps us all looking beautiful and jealous all year round and #Foodporn, which kept us drooling as we scrolled though hundreds of delicious meals, are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to popular hashtags.


This is why ZONE BOWLING have come up with the perfect hashtag to accompany Australia’s Biggest Bowl Off.

#BowlOff is the simple yet perfect hashtag to allow you to keep any eye on what’s hot and who is getting involved in the history making event all over the country. Not only does ZONE BOWLING want people to be tagging their pictures with #BowlOff, but they want your friends, family and pets to see and share in Australia’s Biggest Bowl Off and the amazing $10,000 in shared cash prizes on offer.


And if that wasn’t enough to get you excited, word is ZONE BOWLING will be giving away some sweet prizes to the teams who upload the best group photo, Families who can show how much fun they are having and even a prize for the best on-lane selfie.


So whether you’re always tagging #FOMO or you don’t mind a little #YOLO every now and then, make sure you get down to your nearest ZONE BOWLING venue and get involved in Australia’s Biggest Bowl Off and don’t forget to tag all your statuses, Instis, profile pics and DMs with #BowlOff, because you never know when you might win!