Slip, slop - and listen up! How to promote sun safety to your kids


Let's face it: sun safety is unlikely to be on the top of your kids' minds as they enjoy the last few weeks of the holidays. Who has the time to slap on sunscreen every two hours when there's so much fun to be had on the beach?

However, with the heat - and the risk of sunburn - at a peak this time of year, it's important to encourage your children to stay safe when out and about.

Provide the right threads

Sun safety doesn't have to be boring. In fact, your kids can look extra cool in the process!

Good sun safety practice involves wearing appropriate clothing, including a hat and sunglasses. Go shopping with your kids and let them choose their favourite colours and designs to ensure they'll take an active role in covering themselves up in the sun.

Be a role model           

There's no point in preaching the importance of sun safety if you don't bother to keep yourself protected!

Take a lead in promoting good safety habits by backing up your words with actions, for example by reapplying sunscreen as and when necessary, wearing sufficient cover and staying in the shade as much as possible.

Take them back to school

Not literally - unless you really want to upset your kids this summer.

Schools in countries like Australia are fantastic at promoting sun safety to students, so take the time to revisit some of the main points your children have learnt and make sure they carry their sun safety practices from school into the holidays.

Mix in some indoor activities

Having fun in summer doesn't always have to be about running around outside.

If it's a particularly hot day and your kids are after some cool, comfortable fun, why not take them to a ZONE BOWLING for a range of indoor activities? From team bowling to laser skirmish, your children will definitely appreciate the break from the blistering sun!