Seven great ways to use a Holiday Fun Pass


So, you’ve got your hot little hands on an awesome Holiday Fun Pass and are wondering what to do with it. The simple answer? Everything. The complicated answer? You’ll need to plan ahead. Not to worry we've got the best seven ways to use it. 

Lets not forget, by purchasing one of our Holiday Fun Passes, you go into the draw to win a Springfree Trampoline! The world’s safest and now choice recommended Trampoline! 

1. Get the gang together
Maybe it’s been a while since you all hung out together. Maybe you see each other every single day in class but want a night-time social plan. Either way, your Holiday Fun Pass is a great opportunity to get some competitive fun and games happening. Prove your mastery of Guitar Hero in the arcade, or show these fools how you can bowl a strike.

2. Create a date night with a difference
With an activity to focus on, there’s less pressure for you to be funny or avoid saying dumb things. Just don’t get so caught up in the game that you forget to make your move ... especially if it’s not your first date.

3. Escape the parental units
If you’re at home, it’s odds-on you’re getting lectured. It might be the chores you haven’t done, it might be what you’re doing with your life or even how much time you’re spending on video games. Whatever the case, you can’t be lectured if you’re not there. So get off your console and head down to ZONE BOWLING’s Arcade instead.

4. Forget your stupid ex 
You’ve spent enough time searching Spotify for playlists with names like “Ultimate Devastation of the Heart” and “I’ll Never Fall in Love Again” while your pillow soaks up the tears. Distract yourself by knocking down pins ... ones that look suspiciously like your ex. Take the pain and Bowl It Off! 

5. Take the ultimate selfie 
Speaking of exes ... is there any better feeling than making other people jealous by showing them how amazing your life is and how good you can look with a filter? There are so, so many things that you can be doing in your selfies, from gearing up for laser tag and sliding a retro camera filter over your bowling shoes to posing with friends over a frankly ridiculous array of desserts.

6. Recapture those childhood glories
Get them to lay down the bumpers, sort yourself an ice-cream cake and relive the fun you had at all those childhood bowling parties. Bonus points if you dress like you’re 11. 

7. Hone your skills for a ridiculous challenge

Oh, you wanted your life to be more like Riverdale, did you? Well, now you’ve found yourself locked into a winner-takes-all challenge that will change the face of your hometown FOREVER. Or maybe you called out some loud-mouth who reckons he can knock down a 7-10 split no worries, mate. Either way, you’re going to need a Rocky-style training montage.

Now if you've found at least one reason in that list that you can relate to , we think it is time to get down to your nearest ZONE BOWLING venue and Bowl It Off with our Holiday Pass!