Reece's Pieces: How Reece Mastin prepares before going on stage


To live the life of a rock star is something many can only dream of. Could there possibly be anything better than spending your days writing and singing your own hit songs, idolised by legions of adoring fans?

They never seem to fail to stun their audiences and you might be wondering just how these rock stars prepare in the moments before they head on stage. To get a bit of an insight into what goes on backstage just before a show, we had a chat with none other than Australia's very own rock and pop star, Reece Mastin!

Every singer has unique pre-show rituals they go through to get themselves pumped up for a gig. Reece likes to keep it pretty simple - he says he always has a moment with the band before going on stage, to get everyone excited and to tell them to just enjoy themselves and have a good show.

As you might expect, he has an irresistibly sweet side as well, and says his sister often plays a big role backstage.

"When my sister was on tour with me, she would always give me a kiss on the cheek before I walked on for the first number," he recalls.

The last hour before the start of a show is usually when the nerves start showing and palms get sweaty, so what does Reece to prepare himself?

"Leading up to the show, I make sure I do my vocal warm ups and it's usually with my backing vocalist, Mahalia Barnes," Reece explains.

"Before going on stage I also have a couple of cups of honey, ginger, lemon and hot water."

He also says it's important to just chill and hang out with the band in the moments before showtime.

Lastly, is there a specific piece of clothing of jewellery he never goes on stage without? Reece says a very special necklace he received from the 'Queen of Rock and Roll', Stevie Nicks, is a crucial part of his attire.

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