Raise funds these holidays by running a bowling tournament


The extended duration of the summer school holidays makes for a prime opportunity to try out longer events. During the next few weeks, you should try running a bowling tournament as a great school holiday activity. With a small entry fee or donation, it can even be a way for your organisation to raise a bit of money in the process. 

Here are some competition ideas for you to try.


You can attract father/son, mother/daughter (or any other combination) teams by hosting a doubles tournament. The Scotch Doubles format sees each team play three games of 10 frames. Bowler A throws the first ball, followed by Bowler B who tries to finish the job for a spare. You could try the Best Ball format as well, where each bowler in a team bowls the full 10 pins, then the best score of each frame is recorded.


If your intended competitors are of the more hardcore variety, consider a Marathon tournament instead. Each bowler bowls 8 games in a row (that's 80 frames), then the winner is declared after total points have been counted. This is a hefty challenge for casual players, as it not only requires an element of skill, but also endurance and stamina as well. 


What you might consider a classic tournament idea, a match-play format sees single bowlers face off against each other in a battle to the death ... or at least to the win. Each player bowls against one other player, and the winner moves on to the next round. If you'd like, you can even ask that your single teams be single, in order to make this a dating event!

If you can't be bothered running a tournament of your own but still want to get involved in a competition, consider instead joining an existing bowling league at your local ZONE BOWLING centre. It's all the same fun but without the same level of organisational requirement!