Psst ... Here's how to get the kids excited about after-school sports


Look, let's just come right out and say it. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that only six out of 10 Aussie kids aged between five and 14 play sports outside of school. In addition, the latest Australian Health Survey also found that a quarter of all children aged between five and 17 are either overweight or obese. 

Here in the land Down Under, being passionate about sports is a very Aussie thing, so maybe it is time to think hard about how we can ramp up children's health throughout the country and inspire them to play sports outside of school.

The thing is, you don't want it to be overwhelming - instead, it should feel like fun.

This is why taking them to play Laser Skirmish or for a jaunt down the bowling lanes can really help. Both of these activities require fast paced running, stretching, aiming, jumping and the occasional sprint - all of which are great cardiovascular exercises. 

Showing the kids that exercise can be enjoyable may just spark their interest in doing more of it. With the school holidays around the corner, the Bowl Camp Vacation Care Program is a great place to kick things off thanks to its active, healthy program disguised as an entertaining day full of playing games.

With everything from bowling tips to smashing strikes and raging through the Laser Skirmish arena on offer, there's a lot for them to explore.

It might just be what they need before they ask you parents "Can I do more of this? Maybe join a sports team once I'm back at school?" Music to your ears? We thought so. 

Thinking about the environment's health too

Gone are the days when arcade game tickets were shooting out as paper. It's great to show children the importance of going green, not only when it comes to recycling rubbish at home or through science classes at school, but also in other aspects of life - including play time.

Here at ZONE BOWLING, we are proud to be using Intercard, a simple tool that keeps track of all gaming points earned at one of the many arcade machines in centre. Best of all, it also lets you top up credit so with a single scan you can see where you are at. This is saving streams and streams of ticket paper, and also means you're not wasting time counting them all up to receive your goodies!