Last chance! Make the most of these epic school holiday specials this week


It is the last week of the school holidays, and although you may be secretly dreading waking up earlier to drop the kids at school, there's no reason the family can't finish the vacay with a bang.

Throughout these September school holidays, ZONE BOWLING has had your back - we have given all you parents a fun, safe space to drop the kids to enjoy getting active with bowling, Laser Skirmish and top-of-the-line arcade machines.

We even hosted a Bowl Camp full of kids activities during the weekdays from 9 a.m. to noon, complete with two games, a toastie or jaffle, Pop Top and eight arcade tokens all for just AU$19 - where else could you find a deal that keeps the bank balance as happy as the kids's faces? 

But things get better.

We have had a variety of exciting additional promotions over the course of these school holidays, many of which we have already shared with you. Did you know, though, that there's a bunch of specials you could still take advantage of? Here's what you need to know! 

Up, up and Upsell away

Upsell Games cost just AU$5 per game! Cheap as chips. 

Fabulous food

Indulge in mouthwatering food deals such as our Extraordinary Meal Option and Fairy Floss Spiders (available in all centres). Certain centres are also offering funky straw glasses for absolutely free with every 600ml bottle - embrace your inner cool dad as you clink one with the kids! In some centres, we also have the Burger and beer 150 lashes offer so dads can enjoy a cool beer and meaty burger as a 'treat yo self' gift - you need to recharge after your hard work looking after the little ones. Treat the kids, too, with our delicious Oreo Churros offered in some centres. 

Sur-prize me 

There's no better gift than an unexpected, spot prize! There will be in-centre delights such as winning either a free laser game, meal upsize or two arcade tokens. Sticker sheets from Big Hero 6 and are also up for grabs!