Join in Australia's Biggest Bowl Off!


Australia's Biggest Bowl Off has ended for 2016, but you can check out all the details from ZONE BOWLING's Big Battle over at the Big Battle website!

Do you ever wake up in the morning and feel like the you’re the best at something? Could it be that you’ve been perfecting your skills for years and that your time has finally come to show the world who you are? Well think no more because ZONE BOWLING have come up with the perfect solution!


Australia’s Biggest Bowl Off


Here at ZONE BOWLING we have put together a history making competition to challenge bowlers of every skillset to become Australia’s best. Australia’s Biggest Bowl Off is giving away a $10,000 shared cash prize for teams of serious bowlers and family bowlers as long as you’ve got a team member under the age of 16. We also have some really great prizes for best team photo, on lane selfie and best team name.


So what do you have to do to get involved you say? We’ll it’s all pretty simple, head to the ZONE BOWLING website and book any game of bowling at your nearest venue. Then make sure you assemble your best comrades to assist you in winning that big cash prize, but make sure you have at least 3 players and no more than 6 so your eligible to see your score on our Leaderboard.


Once you’ve locked in your date with destiny, head down to the venue and bowl like you’ve never bowled before and get the best score you and your team can imagine. This score is your ticket to stardom and will be printed on your receipt or score sheet (which can be printed at the front desk by one of our friendly staff) in the form of a Live Results Code. Make sure you don’t lose this as this is your golden ticket.


Now is the easy bit, head to and enter your Live Results Code plus where you bowled your perfect game, you then have to enter your details and bowling team name, which we suggest be something like the champions or the best, which will then put you to the top of the Bowl Off’s leaderboard.


Well that’s pretty much it, but just in-case your worried about being knocked off the top of the leaderboard by some freak of nature, get back into your nearest ZONE BOWLING venue and bowl until you cannot bowl anymore so you know for certain that your top score will never be toppled.