Interview with Santa Claus


When you think of a bowling fan, what do you imagine? Do they have a big beard, a jolly laugh and possible obesity? Despite his busy schedule, we managed to sit down Santa Claus himself for a quick interview.

First off, thank you for joining us, Mr. Claus.

Ho ho ho! That's OK, my boy. It's not like I am incredibly busy right now.

How do you unwind?

Well first I take off my fake beard... Ho ho ho! Just kidding, it's completely real. Here, you can touch it.

Nobody can see us touch it, Mr. Claus. This is a written interview.

Oh ho ho! My mistake. So, what is that camera for, dear boy?

That's for a personal thing. Anyway, the question.

Ho ho ... oh. Right. So to unwind, myself and Mrs. Claus like to go down to our local bowling alley and have a few games with the elves. It's a great sport for everyone to play, I feel, because it's accessible to almost any skill level. Even though our elves are tiny little people, they can still get a good score when we give them a junior-sized ball. It makes for plenty of ho ho hos, and not so many boo hoo hoos.

Do you have any favourite bowling centres?

Well, you know, right after Christmas I like to park my sleigh in Australia and visit a ZONE BOWLING centre. All the happy children are still out playing because it's the school holidays here, you see. Have you heard of those? You don't look like someone who anyone would want children with. Ho ho ho, I'm just joking, my boy! It's Christmas, put a smile on your face! Ho ho ho!

There are always fun competitions, too. I like this year's one - where you have to say who your favourite hero is to win! I think I'll say mine is the Tooth Fairy - me and her have had some good times together, ho ho ho! Just don't tell my wife! Ho ho ho, oh ho ho!

Why do you love bowling at ZONE? Let us know in the comments below!