How to tame your... Invisible Dragon!


The school holidays are upon us and it can be difficult keeping children entertained each day - especially they are all little individuals, themselves!

We have come up with a few fun ways to identify which kind of dragon your child is and the best ways to tame them over the next few weeks.

Does your child disappear the moment you arrive at your destination? As part of our "How to tame your.." series, we explore the sneaky sausages that tend to vanish as soon as you walk out the door! Their powers of invisibility can often make it difficult to keep an eye on them, especially when you take them somewhere busy, colourful and exciting like a ZONE BOWLING alley.

Here we have a few tips to defeating their strength, and knowing exactly what your little dragon is up to at all times.

Play dress up

A first step to improving your chances of keeping an eye on them is by dressing your child in distinctive or bright clothing. Not only will this make it easier to locate them in a crowd, if they do disappear you will have a vivid recollection of what they were wearing and clear imagery to describe to a staff member, who can help you with your search. 

Strength in numbers

If you have more than one little monster on your hands, teach them to stick together. Anything is preferable to your little ones being lost and alone, and encouraging them to stick together when they get lost can prevent them from panicking. 

Pick a meeting point

Another great idea is to choose a meeting point upon arrival that you will both go to as soon as you lose sight of one another - preferably at reception, as either one of you can then inform the staff of who you have lost.

Give them a safety net

Still concerned about your little dragon's whereabouts? Try giving them a whistle they can blow into with all their might if they ever feel lost, scared or in danger - this gives them a chance to contact you if they panic. Keep it under their clothes and teach them to use it in emergencies.