How to tame your... Colour-Change Dragon!


So your child is a little shy and prefers to blend into the background when things get overwhelming? Sounds like a colour-change dragon.

As part of our "How to tame your dragon..." series, we explore the secret world of the little monsters who tend to shy away from the craziness, and how you can encourage them to be brave dragons!

Get prepared

Before you even walk out the door, a little chat with your colour-changer is a great way to set them up for what's to come. Let them know who you are meeting, and that it would be nice for them to say hello - perhaps, even that 'so-and-so' is excited to see them.

Once you arrive, let them move at their own pace with this knowledge - the last thing they should ever hear you say are excuses to others about their shyness, as this can make them feel like they are at fault.

Lead by example

You can also try leading by example - dragon see, dragon do. Step in with a smile, introduce yourself and get involved so your child will realise that there is nothing to be afraid of. Often, colour-change dragons tend to be nervous in surroundings they are unfamiliar with, so show them that they can be as confident as you by getting out of your comfort ZONE BOWLING.

They will be intrigued to see you walking up to the ball return, having a shot down the alley and then high five-ing those around you. Your little dragon will see that they can be just as strong and outgoing, and that no harm will come to them if they try something new. Just be sure to be the first in line for a high five when they give it a go!