Beat the Heat this Summer with ZONE BOWLING | ZONE BOWLING


Summer is a glorious time of year. The sun comes out to play for longer, we can all run around in our cossies and thongs throwing sand at each other, and everyone just seems that little bit happier.

However, you can't run around in next to nothing all season. Sometimes you have to stop and that's when it gets you: The heat. Oh brave souls who darest combat thy heat - however doest thou cope?

If you're looking to beat the heat this summer, check out these ideas.


Tried bowling during summer? Bowling is a great school holiday activity to bring your family and friends closer together as you somewhat aggressively seek to out play one another. Nothing bonds a group quite like mutual frustration with the person who's way better than everyone else. 

On top of that, ZONE BOWLING's buildings are all air-conditioned, so you don't have to worry about those sweaty armpit marks on your clothing when you play (unless you bowl a bit vigorously)! 

Cool your insides

A cold drink is obviously a must during the summer, but you should cool it even further by making ice blocks instead. Plastic moulds aren't expensive to purchase in most supermarkets and they can come in all sorts of wacky shapes. 

Plus, it's way cheaper than buying lots of ice blocks from your local store.

Combine the two

You can stop panicking now - we've cracked it. Here's the plan: make your ice blocks, stick them in your mouth and head over to your local ZONE BOWLING centre for the ultimate fun away from the sun. In the immortal words of everyone enjoying an ice block on a toasty day, "Om nom, and indeed, nom."  

If you don't have the ice block mould just yet, don't worry. We recently teamed up with Schweppes to bring you a range of icy cold beverages that are sure to do the trick! 

So when the heat is turned up to 11 this summer, make sure you're ready to wrangle it back down.