Hit for 6


The New Year came and went and we're now well into 2016. For most of us, this means frequent trips to the beach and a few half-hearted New Year's resolutions. But for the younger ones among us (we're looking at you school holidayers), January's arrival means that the start of a new school year grows ever closer.

Amidst the deluge of new stationery and exercise books, it's important that children get to enjoy the last few weeks of their time off before they head back to the world of academia. You already know that when it comes to excitement and good, old-fashioned family fun you can do no better tha ZONE BOWLING. With this mind, we've devised an epic deal to make the last few weeks of school holidays that much more fun.

What deal, you ask? The number six.

Fun facts about the number six

Six. It's a beautiful number, really. Well-represented with just a hand and a thumb, the number six can be found all around us, in many forms. Here are a few fun facts about this number:

  • It is the smallest perfect number, as determined by Pythagorean theory. A perfect number is when all the multiples of the integer can add up to it. In six's case, one, two and three are its multiples, so when you add them together they make six!
  • There are six Power Rangers
  • Carbon, which has the atomic number six, is an element that helps make up all living matter
  • Hexapods are animals with six legs. Think beetles, ants, moths and even wasps!

Hit for six strip offer

The most fun fact about the number six is definitely our limited Hit For Six Strip offers. From just one of these strips, a family can get a range of exciting goodies and activities, each of which will only cost $6. These include:

  • A small drink and chips combo
  • A jaffle and coffee or pop top
  • Eight tokens
  • A game of bowling and shoe hire
  • A game of laser tag

What's more, this offer is valid until April 16, so you could even save it for the next round of school holidays or a slow weekend. Whatever you decide, this offer will ensure that you and your brood have an entertaining end to the school holidays. What do the kids say? One last hurrah before hitting the books? Yeah, we thought so too.