Healthy activities to entertain your kids during the school holidays


As the school gates close for the holidays, parents and carers may be at a loss about how to keep the little ones busy during the break. Don't tear your hair out - we've got a selection of fantastic things to do that are sure to leave a smile on your children's faces and keep parents happy (and fully follicled) too. While many families worry about what the lack of routine holidays can do to their children's wellbeing, we've made sure our suggestions are healthy choices so your kids will be refreshed and ready for the new term.

Arts and Crafts

The school holidays are the ideal time for kids to get creative, as well as for parents to do wardrobe clear-outs. Do both at once by setting aside some time to make tie-dye T-shirts - a fun-filled activity your children are sure to love as well as a trip down memory lane for ma and pa!

How to make a tie-dye T-shirt

1. Take your freshly washed and still damp shirt out of the washing machine and place it on a flat surface. 

2. Pick a spot on the shirt and scrunch it between your fingers. Continue twisting the fabric around your fingers until you form a spiral shape - the shirt should eventually look like a cinnamon roll!

3. Criss-cross several elastic bands around the shirt to keep the material in place. Then place your shirt into a bucket with your dye solution of choice, taking care to read the instructions and wear the appropriate protective equipment.

4. Put the still-tied wet fabric wet in a bag. Leave to rest for 24 hours. 

5. Once complete, remove from bag and rinse under cold then warm water to get rid of any excess dye. When the water runs clear, remove the ties and leave to dry.

The finished T-shirt is certain to make a welcome addition to your child's wardrobe as well as a reminder of a wonderful time spent together making it. 


Taking the kids down to your local bowling alley is a surefire hit with children of all ages! Perfect for getting the kids out of the house and engaging siblings or friends in some healthy competition is a wonderful boost for their self-esteem as well as getting them active. Bowling is a classic team sport that is great for burning energy and whiling away the hours having fun. Adults vs children? Boys vs girls? However you select your teams, you can be sure that going bowling is a unique activity that children will love.

Plus, with a range of arcade games to play and plenty of snack options, bowling makes for a great day out where everything is conveniently arranged for you. This is especially the case if your child is having a birthday during the break - why not consider hosting a party at your nearest bowling centre? In addition, many ZONE BOWLING alleys run promotional deals, especially during peak periods, so be sure to check your local outlet for a cost-effective and easy to organise day out your kids will enjoy.


Save money and keep the kids busy by cooking. Making your own delicious, healthy snacks is a fun activity and refuels your kids quickly and healthily. Follow our super simple and quick recipe for cinnamon energy balls that all the family can enjoy.

Cinnamon Energy Balls Recipe


1 cup dried apples

Half a cup of pitted dates

Half a cup of oats

Half a teaspoon of cinnamon


1. Place all of the ingredients into a food processor. Blend until a thick paste forms.

2. Mould the mixture into ball shapes using a teaspoon, leave to set and then enjoy!

The total process should only about 10 minutes, meaning that the energy balls can be made (and eaten) quickly - perfect for filling up between activities or last-minute preparation for a day out. What's more, this recipe is easily adaptable - for instance, change the type of spoon you use to make smaller bites that younger children can enjoy too.

Not only will this recipe provide you with a healthy food choice for your kids, the process is also an effective way to teach maths. 

Laser skirmish

Another great fact about many bowling centres is the variety of activities they offer. Combine bowling with laser skirmish in a package deal for a super exciting day, or return another time and dedicate the whole day to a fun, energetic game of laser skirmish. Getting kids active is important, especially during the long and often lazy school holidays! Make exercise exciting by getting your children so involved in a session of laser skirmish that they won't want to go home!

You needn't worry about bad weather spoiling your plans - bowling and laser skirmish are inside so are perfect whatever the weather. Seek shelter from a tropical downpour or cool off in the air-conditioned alleys when the sun's rays are shining strongly and it's far too hot to be outside. Put on your combat vest and take your spot on the battleground - ready for a laser-filled quest. With no mess to clear up, laser skirmish is a hassle-free activity - why not let the kids wear the tie-dye shirts you made earlier under their armour?

Bowling and laser skirmish make for a healthy activity choice, as well as helping children's development. The teamwork required for these games can help children learn to share and get along with their peers, which promotes wellbeing and positivity. And when the inevitable tantrum(s) strikes, there will be staff onsite to help you through. 

Whatever you decide to do with your children during the holidays, be sure to have a range of activities suitable for a mixture of ages and preferences. To really make the fun even more enjoyable, incorporate healthy options wherever you can so that your kids have a holiday to remember and prepares them well for the next term at school. 

If you've been inspired to get ahead on activity planning, ensure you contact your local ZONE BOWLING alley to secure your school holiday session. See you on the lanes!