Give the gift of fun this Christmas with ZONE BOWLING


Christmas is only a few days away (seriously, how did that even happen?), which means you've probably already finished your Christmas shopping. No? Don't worry - we haven't either. And to be honest, who has? Life is busy, and December makes everything even more stressful than it usually is. Plus, everyone and their dog is out shopping this time of year. Who wants to be trying to elbow their way through the malls just so you can get Auntie Muriel a slightly different scented candle than the one you got her last year?

The holidays shouldn't turn you into a basket of anxiety; they should be fun, and no one does fun better tha ZONE BOWLING. When it comes to last minute Christmas presents, let us be your Kanye and do the wrapping for you this festive season.

The worst gifts ever given

There are a few gifts everyone knows never to give. Clothes that are the wrong size, deodorant or something that has obviously been regifted all fall into this category. In the broadest sense, you would expect that giving someone a non-offensive gift would be fairly straightforward.

But sometimes there are gifts that are just so awful you can't help but wonder: What were they thinking? If it's the thought that counts, then the people who gave these awful gifts would have been better off not thinking: 

  • Eliza Brooke of Fashionista gave her brother a clay dog, which she hastily constructed a few minutes before the present was meant to be given
  • A Reddit user was given a pet rock from her boyfriend's driveway (he forgot it was her birthday)
  • On Thought Catalogue, Eric Redding tells the story of someone who was gifted obscenely large ceramic pig

So what should you get instead?

The best gifts are the ones that show you understand and care about the person. a ZONE BOWLING gift card is perfect for this reason, whether you're looking to bring some joy to a bowling aficionado or a day of fun and entertainment to an entire family. School holidays are coming up, so this is a brilliant way to give a busy mum an afternoon to herself. 

With $30, $50, $75 and $100 options, you'll be able to find something to suit whoever you're shopping for. The gift cards come in a cool range of designs, but for those who are really pressed for time, the eCard option is only a few clicks away. To give the gift of fun this Christmas, get in touch with ZONE and you can tick one more thing off your holiday to-do list.