Fun school holiday activities at ZONE BOWLING!


Schools all around the country are seeing out the last few days of Term Three, which means it's time to get preparing for the holidays!

As your kids hand in their last few test papers and look forward to a bit of rest and relaxation, you'll be wondering how to keep them occupied for the next two weeks.

Luckily, a ZONE BOWLING is the one-stop shop for all your school holidays activities needs. There's something for everyone and you can easily make a whole day out of it!

These holidays, bring your kids and their friends over to your local ZONE and let them go crazy with one or more of these fun activities.


Bowling is what ZONE is all about, and there's nothing like a great round of tenpin to get the holidays rolling.

Let your kids release their pent-up school worries by hauling those heavy balls down the lane!

We offer a range of fun in-centre activities to add that extra competitive edge. Why not have a go at our Turbo Lane Challenge, where every two hours, the first person to bowl down pins wins a prize?

There's also a fun zone every day before 5 p.m. to keep the little ones entertained with face painting and colouring-in.

Laser skirmish

After you're done with bowling, it's time to pick up the guns and engage in a bit of harmless warfare.

There are plenty of fantastic themed battlegrounds to add to the excitement of shooting each other with lasers.

ZONE has some great deals these school holidays to ensure you can have plenty of fun while still being able to afford school supplies for next term.

You can combine bowling and laser skirmish and get unlimited games before 5 p.m. for just $16.90 per person!

There is simply no excuse not to have fun these school holidays - all you need to do is head down to your local ZONE.